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Umphreys McGee Live at The Warfield on 2008-10-31

Umphrey's McGee
Warfield Theater,
San Francisco, CA

Taped & Seeded By: Ian Stone (
Source: Schoeps mk41 (din)>Kc5>cmc6>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 744t @ 24bit/48khz
Location: Slightly Right of Center @ Front of House (Downstairs)

Set I:
(Disc 1)
1. Intro/Crowd
2. Higgins>
3. The Triple Wide/Robot Rock1 2>
4. Ocean Billy>
Rainy Day Women #12 & 353>
Ocean Billy,
5. Band Costume Introductions
6. Women Wine and Song>
7. Utopian Fir>
8. Gulf Stream>
9. Utopian Fir,
10. TNT/Paranoid/Dirty Deeds4

Set II:
(Disc 2)
1. Intro/Crowd
2. Phil's Farm/7 Nation Army/Money/How Many More Times?5>
3. All in Time,
4. Bridgeless>
5. Miss Tinkle's Overture>
Miss Tinkle's Overture,
6. FF>
7. The Floor,
(Disc 3)
1. Another Brick in the Wall/Thriller6>
2. Bridgeless
3. Crowd Noise
4. Hangover,
5. Sad But True/Clint Eastwood7

1 UM/Daft Punk mashup
2 Jamie Shields (additional keyboards), Darren Shearer (additional percussion)
3 First Time Played (Bob Dylan)
4 AC/DC/Black Sabbath/AC/DC mashup
5 UM/The White Stripes/Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin mashup
6 Pink Floyd/Michael Jackson mashup
7 Metallica/The Gorillaz mashup

#1 Robot Rock/Roadhouse Blues was a mash-up of Daft Punk and The Doors
#1 Robot Rock/Roadhouse Blues with Jamie Shields on keys and Darren Shearer on percussion
#4 TNT/Paranoid/Dirty Deeds was a mash-up of AC/DC and Black Sabbath
#4 TNT/Paranoid/Dirty Deeds with Bon Scotty Osbourne on vocals
#5 Money/7 Nation Army/How Many More Times? was a mash-up of The White Stripes, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin
#6 Another Brick in the Wall/Thriller was a mash-up of Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson
#7 Walk/Sad But True/Clint Eastwood was a mash-up of Pantera, Metallica and The Gorillaz

Collection UmphreysMcGee
Band/Artist Umphreys McGee
Venue The Warfield
Location San Francisco, CA

Source Schoeps mk41 (din)>Kc5>cmc6>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 744t @ 24bit/48khz
Lineage Wav>Soundforge 5.0>16/44.1>Cd Wav Editor
Taped by Ian Stone
Transferred by Ian Stone


Reviewer: njpg - - November 1, 2014
Subject: -
Not as great as other UM shows I've heard.
Reviewer: cacahootie - - December 12, 2009
Subject: What a fun halloween...
I think it really speaks to the talent embodied in Umphree's that they can throw a really great show fit for a Halloween and hit it out of the park. The show sounds great, and I really liked "The Triple Wide/Robot Rock". Quite different and awesome.
Reviewer: - - December 10, 2008
Subject: hahahaha
i can't say it's the best umph's show i have ever heard, but it's top 10 percentile. sound works just fine. what i really like about the show is the energy. they def had me cracking up a couple times. the ac/dc & ozzy mash-up was real funny man...
Reviewer: IanStone - - December 5, 2008
Subject: To: WebWeaver
Have you ever listened to an audience recording before?
The recordist has no control over what the crowd does - be it chatting, screaming, or singing along.

If you want a recording that doesn't have the ambience & crowd - go to umphrey's live download site and purchase the SBD recording.
There is nothing that can be done to stop the crowd from talking.

I'm glad you enjoy the recording, and i'm sorry the crowd distracts from it. Maybe next time tell your friends to shut up and listen to the music ;)
Reviewer: WebWeaver - - December 5, 2008
Subject: Awesome concert!
This show was amazing, especially since it was on Halloween night. Everybody was in costumes, including the band, really fun!

Check out videos of some of their performance on YouTube:

The recording is great, thanks for providing it! One nitpick though: there is a constant chatter of people in the background, which is a bit distracting. It'd be great if it can be avoided in the next recordings.
Reviewer: smallz - - November 29, 2008
Subject: Another Thriller
I can't believe how the nailed the Thriller/Another Brick mash-up. That's my favorite one of the night. The whole show is a thriller on this recording, which comes through very cleanly. Very entertaining UM!
Reviewer: LedZep127 - - November 7, 2008
Subject: fire show!
made the trip from CT to San Fran for this beast of a show! it was my 20th show and i was visiting friends who just moved out to Berkeley. this show is fire! the mash ups are sick! the energy is amazing! still gotta buy the UMLive of this cause its that sick, but this recording is a must have...great sound...A+ job on the recording...i didn't even think i saw a taper! props on the stealthness

Reviewer: MadHatter420 - - November 6, 2008
Subject: One of the Best
Unbelievable sound - GREAT JOB TAPERS!!
also one of the better shows I've heard from umph - the classics are all there - great All in Time, Floor, Higgins - great energy - DOWNLOAD THIS SHOW
Reviewer: Chriscook1013 - - November 5, 2008
Subject: Great Job
Great show and a great recording. Thanks for all you do.

God bless the tapers!
Reviewer: EZwider - - November 4, 2008
Subject: One of the funnest UM shows I have been to...
Thanks for posting the show so quickly and making my day at work fly by. Made the trip to San fran from Denver and it was roughly my 70th time seeing the boyz. Worth every penny...

The recording is spot on and sounds like you were set-up in a great location in the Warfield. Five star fury for you my friend!
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Umphreys McGee
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Umphreys McGee
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Umphreys McGee
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Umphreys McGee
by Umphreys McGee
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Source: Schoeps mk41 (din)>Kc5>cmc6>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 744t @ 24bit/48khz
Umphreys McGee
by Umphreys McGee
Source: Schoeps mk6>cmc6>sonosax sx-m2>sound devices 744t (cardioid)
Umphreys McGee
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Umphreys McGee
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Umphreys McGee
by Umphreys McGee
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